Huge Range of Brands


There are three main types of hard flooring – wood, vinyl or laminate. Here at Strattons we are able to provide our customers with the choice from a vast range of brands of each type, from budget varieties through to top of the range luxury hard flooring options.

We supply, deliver and expertly fit hard flooring in Shaftesbury, Dorset and the surrounding area for both residential and commercial flooring projects.

Our unrivalled customer service includes not only professional fitting of new hard flooring and appropriate underlay, but also the removal and safe disposal of the old flooring which is being replaced.

Wood Flooring


Strattons supplies two types of wood flooring – traditional solid hardwood flooring and the popular alternative of engineered wood flooring.

While both types of wood flooring come in the form of planks, there are major differences between them. Solid hardwood floors consist of planks milled from a single piece of timber and are usually installed on floor joists, whereas the planks of engineered wood flooring consist of a layer of expensive wood veneer bonded to a cheaper core and are installed onto a concrete substrate.

Customers who want to replace an old wooden floor, or install a new wooden floor, are often confused as to which type to choose. Our Strattons consultants are experts and happy to advise on the pros and cons of each type of wood flooring and the quality levels available, to assist you with your decision.

Engineered wooden floors are the favoured option for modern homes because they are suitable for use with underfloor heating and the ideal durable and low maintenance solution for busy areas like hallways and kitchens.

Laminate Flooring


Laminate has revolutionised the flooring market around the world since it was first invented in Sweden in the late 1970s. This synthetic floor covering that is manufactured to mimic wood flooring – or even with stone and tile effects – comes in planks made of various synthetic layers topped with a high definition image of the particular effect, then sealed with a scratch and water-resistant surface.

There are dozens of different brands of laminate flooring, and different levels of quality, to suit all budgets and applications.

Strattons supplies laminate flooring from all the major manufacturers and can help you choose the most suitable type for your purpose and budget. We have a team of expert laminate flooring fitters who pay great attention to detail, including ensuring the subfloor is properly prepared and that the flooring is floated over an appropriate underlay.

Vinyl Flooring


Probably the most versatile modern floor covering, contemporary vinyl flooring has come a long way from the linoleum that was ubiquitous in most kitchens and bathrooms back in our grandparents’ day! For one thing, the loud-patterned “lino” of yesteryear was made of linseed oil whereas modern vinyl flooring is made of layers of PVC plastic, foam and sometimes fibreglass.

Cushioned vinyl flooring is now regarded as a luxurious alternative to wood or tile floors, available in a limitless choice of colours, patterns, textures and finishes to suit any room in any building. Durable Vinyl flooring, available in sheet form or as planks or tiles, is embossed to convincingly replicate anything from cobblestones or veined marble to knotted and grained oak.

Here at Strattons we can help you find the right vinyl flooring to suit your purpose, and our professional flooring experts will install it expertly.



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